Who we are

Günther Bohuslav , “Boh” – I’m a native of Vienna and a career restauranteur. For thirty years I worked as chef and food manager for major international hotels, living and working among the locals in places like, Brazil, Mexico, India, Thailand, So. Africa, Australia, and the U.S. The best way to know a culture is to know what they eat and drink, and having an elemental lust for food, I stuck my nose, literally, into all things enticing and gratifying. Life is so endlessly delicious. Vienna’s coffee culture is sort of hereditary, and my DNA triggered a kind of mid-course correction turning me into a coffee predator, stalking the transcendent cup of coffee where ever I happened to be. I befriended many coffee aficionados and tossed back immeasurable quantities of regional espressos. It was during these years that I acquired the knowledge and zeal for roasting coffee. My partner, Christiana Hribernik, from Eichberg, Austria, and I, are passionate connoisseurs of “black gold “. Unrestricted claims to perfect cups of coffee, breast fed to the consumer by the coffee industry, but all too rarely delivered, flared our indignation, prompting the creation of Boh’s Beans, the ultimate sensory coffee experience, where passion and perfection unite.

what we roast

We roast only exclusive, varietal Arabica beans from micro-lots, grown organically, and when possible, from the Fairtrade-participating countries of origin. Our collection includes an average of 20 varieties whose selection is constantly adapted to market conditions and seasonal availability . The resulting palate of flavors and aromas provide for a heightening and expansive coffee drinking experience.

How we roast

Using a gas-operated drum roaster of latest generation development, the beans are carefully roasted at about 200 degrees Celsius. Attention is paid to the individual and unique beans texture. Accordingly, the roasting time and roasting temperature is adjusted for each type of bean. The result is an individually designed roasting image, which is reflected in the perfect balance of it brewed coffee. The designations for these roasts applied by roasting profiles are City, City Plus, Full City and Vienna, with Vienna roast resulting in an ideal balance where origin character is eclipsed by roast character. We believe that only experience and an obsession for perfection can create an exceptional product. So we take ample time to leisurely extract the best from each bean. Appreciated most by our customers is the freshness of our products. That’s why we roast fresh daily.

Why we roast

In recent years there’s been a global rethinking of coffee in terms of diet and its effect on our wellbeing. Increasingly, this new-found knowledge is being incorporated into the fabric of the coffee house culture, where profound insights into one of the most fascinating beverage ever can be gathered. Today, the well guarded secrets for extracting the inherent qualities of the beans, applied by small, careful minded Roasters, are held by large corporations whose only concern is market uniformity. Early last century there were about 100 small coffee Roasters in Vienna. With the advent of industrial coffee processing, they disappeared without a trace, taking with them a wealth of knowledge and a coffee culture unmatched today. Now, however, the tide seems to be changing. A new generation of boutique Roasters is growing, leading to a rethinking of the subject by coffee lovers who prefer quality over quantity. New scientific findings relative to coffee, together with the revival of ancient knowledge through the exchange of cultural ideas, are important components of the new coffee culture. A perfectly and gently roasted coffee from only the finest Arabica bean is not only healthy, but creates an transcendent taste experience.

The ancient “craft” of coffee roasting is once more being established as an art form, the beginning of a promising, new era.