Our Coffee Roasting Philosophy

Our coffee roasting is done on a small scale. For us, the craft of precision coffee roasting requires sufficient and unrestricted time devoted to the roasting process, essential prerequisites for extracting the desired flavor potentials from the finished coffee beans. A “Master” of any craft can only be recognized by the quality of their work. The mastery of coffee roasting is mirrored in the flavor characteristics that have been gently encouraged from the coffee beans during the roasting process.

However, it’s you, the coffee drinker, who ultimately determines the level of roasting perfection achieved by the coffee roasting master. Coffee quality is solely a subjective and personal assessment based on one’s own feelings, opinions and taste buds.

Therefore don’t believe what we say about our coffee beans being of supreme quality . . . though we know it to be true.

Simply taste one or more of our twenty-one coffees, each with it’s own distinctive coffee roasting profile, and let your senses decide!

According to the standards set by the Quality Roaster’s Association of Austria, we slowly and gently roast our beans to bring out their inherent taste profiles. We roast to achieve a “Viennese” roast. The Vienna roast is a slower and more elaborate roasting process where the coffee beans approach the preferred roasting profile while maintaining a medium brown color. The Viennese roast has proven to be the most desirable roast because the flavor potentials locked inside the beans are gently urged to surrender their unique flavor characteristics through this roasting method.

Like a flower that cannot be forced to open to reveal its fragrance, quality can only be attained through gentle and patient persuasion.arabica-coffee-flower