A Certified Artisan Coffee Roaster


Quality Coffee Roaster uses only 100% Arabica coffee beans – without any compounding additives. These are free of artificial flavorings and, thus, genuine in full natural flavor. The use of commercially available and cheap “Robusta beans” is prohibited according to the specifications of the quality guarantee. 100% Arabica coffee beans are free from guaiacol flavoring that tastes very unpleasant and woody. 100% Arabica coffee beans contain significantly lower caffeine and Chlorogenic acid and is thus much more gentle and easier to digest. Moreover, 100% Arabica coffee beans have an antioxidant effect.
The “Vienna Roast” is a slower and more elaborate roasting process where the coffee beans approach the preferred roasting profile while maintaining a medium brown color. The “Viennese Roast” has proven to be the most desirable coffee bean roast. Accordingly, the Quality Coffee Roaster guarantee prohibits “black roasting” because this creates acrylamide, a known carcinogen.
The quality guarantee calls for a cooling process without “splashing the coffee beans” with water to cool them, which dramatically changes the original flavor characteristics and, incidentally, deceitfully increases the weight of the coffee beans.
A certified Quality Coffee Roaster is required to provide an accurate Roasting Date for the consumer to determine the freshness of the roast before purchase. Coffee quality decreases significantly in time (even in unopened packs). In the food trade, coffees are subject to long transport and warehousing times, and lose significant flavor quality – despite valid expiration dates (the legal expiration date is an unbelievable 24 months)!! The roasters displaying the”quality coffee roaster guarantee seal” above, offer freshest roasts due to short, regional distribution paths.

Our roasting profile most closely resembles what is known as Vienna Roast. This roast creates the “typical” flavor” that most people associate with good tasting coffee. The Vienna Roast captures all of the inherent light fruity tasting notes of the beans, while providing a hint of the heavier flavors equivalent to deeper, darker and richer roasting overtones.


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